A French Author Publishes Book on Liberian History, Progress and Development

Mr.Remy and Amb. Bass-Golokeh

Mr.Remy and Amb. Bass-Golokeh

(Paris, France-February 8, 2019) A book on Liberia written in historical context and Liberia’s foundation has been published by a French humanitarian and philanthropist-author, the book, “Le Liberia Une Singuliere Histoire,”also highlight the country’s foundation, its growth, its war years and its democratic process and national development.

Mr. Thierry Paulais, the writer heads the French Development Agency in Polynesia has previously worked as the French agency’s Urban Development Department working in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. He said his desire to write a book on Liberia is based on the country’s remarkable past starting from it founding, its contributions to African and global affairs, its growth and development and the years of its unfortunate civil crises and its re-emergence into world politics.

Mr. Paulais has authored several books, notably Financing Africa’s Cities, published in English and in French by AFD and the World Bank. “Articles Publication On Africa’s Cities: Scaling Up the Volume of Investment Agriculture Financing for Development Cities,” The 2009 financial crisis demonstrated how closely local government finances and housing policies are intertwined with the financial systems and the economy as a whole among others.

Speaking at the launch of of the book, Liberia’s Ambassador to France, Madam Geraldine Bass-Golokeh extolled the excellent work put into the publication highlighting Liberia’s foundation, its contributions to Africa and global politics as well as the unfortunate war years.

Ambassador Bass-Golokeh said Liberia-French relations has subsisted since its independence, noting that Liberia is appreciative of the French Government support in many areas of the country’s national development through its Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development and the French Government Partnership Program.

The english version of the book is expected to be published soon.