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President Weah Wants Investors Take Advantage of Liberia’s Rich Natural Resources

President Weah Wants Investors Take Advantage of Liberia’s Rich Natural Resources Monrovia, Liberia:His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah who on Thursday, November 28, 2019 gave the keynote address at the opening of the Liberian International Mining, Energy and Petroleum Conference & Exhibition, dubbed SEMICA LIBERIA 2019, called on investors to explore and take advantage of Liberia’s vast natural resources. The President said though Liberia is the oldest African Republic, much of the country’s natural resources remain virgin, untapped and it would be mutually beneficial for national and international investors to partner with Government to make prudent use of the countries’ rich resources. “I am delighted to be here this morning to welcome all of you to this historical international event – SEMICA LIBERIA 2019 – an international convention and exhibition intended to showcase Liberia’s potentials in the field of mining, energy and petroleum,” the Liberian President asserted. He named some of Liberia’s resources as gold, diamond, bauxite, uranium and prospective oil & gas, and told the gathering of experts that these endowments can only transform the economy and bring prosperity to the country and people when used appropriately by “trustworthy international investors.” In order to tap these natural resources to transform Liberia’s economy and bring prosperity to the Liberian people, the President said, “I will need international and trustworthy investors to come forward to make meaningful investment.” He reiterated his usual declaration since taking over state power that Liberia is open for business “to all of those who are willing to participate on fair, honest and equitable business in the development of our resources.” President Weah emphasized that such business coordination and partnership must be on a win-win basis, where the parties involved are respectful of the mutual interests of all. The Liberian Chief Executive said he was hopeful and confident that the conferees would have a better appreciation of Liberia’s available natural resources, particularly the full potentials of the mining, energy and carbon sector. President Weah noted: “I am hopeful that the interactions among you here at this forum between potential investors and relevant officials of our government will be fruitful and productive to our mutual benefit.” The two-day event, which draws experts from Liberia and Burkina Faso, will be characterized by panel discussions on several thematic areas such as, Investing in Liberia’s Mineral Energy & Petroleum Resources to Stimulate National Economic Growth; How to Finance African Energy Sector; How to invest in Liberia, Investment opportunities in Liberia’s Mining and Energy Sectors; among many others. SEMICA is an annual international platform used by experts to brainstorm on the possibilities and challenges of unlocking Africa’s bustling mining, energy and gas and oil sectors