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President Weah Appoints Dr. Weh-Dorliae Governance Commission Chairman

Monrovia, Liberia –His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, has appointed Dr. Yarsuo Weh-Dorliae as Chairman of the Governance Commission (GC).

The Liberian Chief Executive made the appointment on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Dr. Weh-Dorliae once served as Commissioner of the Governance Commission.

The appointment is subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

President Weah Dedicates Quality Control Medical Laboratory

Careysburg – His Excellency, President George Manneh Weah Friday, May 13, 2022 dedicated the newly-constructed temporary Quality Control Laboratory of the Liberia Medicine and Health Product Regulatory Authority (LMHRA). He described the facility as an important milestone in Liberia’s healthcare endeavors. 


President Weah said healthcare for citizens is an essential part of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), his Government's flagship development program.


In a special statement at the dedication ceremony held in Careysburg, the Liberian Leader acknowledged that the citizens will struggle in vain without a healthy nation.


The President assured the LMHRA family and Liberians in general that he fully supports the construction and dedication of the Laboratory, stressing, "it is vital to have a system for inspecting the quality of medical drugs on the Liberian market."


"In the past we have been confronted with many incidents of the abundance of fake drugs and other health products," the Liberian Chief Executive note, calling the administration of the Liberia Medicine and Health Product Regulatory Authority to continue to enforce existing laws and regulations in order to protect the general public from dangerous and fake medical products.


“The commitment of my Administration to a healthy nation remains unwavering,” Dr. Weah added. “That is why since I assumed the Presidency, we have continued to improve and equip Liberia’s largest referral hospital, the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, as well as undertaken the construction of several new health facilities throughout the country."


He also recounted the training of health workers and the incorporation of additional medical staff on the government payroll as evidence of government's commitment to ameliorating the country's health system.


President Weah assured that efforts towards revamping the health sector will remain unabated "despite limited resources and competing priorities."


“My Administration remains committed to the goal of making Liberia a center of excellence in the health sector, thereby reducing our reliance on other nations for solutions," the Liberian Chief Executive disclosed.


The President expressed appreciation to the management of the LMHRA for undertaking such a monumental initiative, which enables it to begin full testing of medicines in Liberia in its own purpose-built facilities.


He said he was exceedingly glad to have learned that the LMHRA built the temporary Quality Control Laboratory from fees collected locally.


"This is indeed commendable," the President said.


He added: "I am even more pleased to be informed that, from the same local revenue collected, together with some support from Government, you have been able to complete the construction of the foundation of an ultra-modern laboratory complex here at King’s Town in Careysburg, which will ensure that all medicines and health products, including cosmetics, coming into this country are tested for their compliance with internationally-accepted standards of quality.”


He encouraged the LMHRA management to dedicate all of its efforts to mobilizing resources to complete the new permanent Quality Control Laboratory Complex within the next 12 months.


President Weah Calls on African Leaders To Confront Challenges Facing Continent in Concert

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea -  The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah says effective policies implementation and initiative-taking are important tools in addressing the numerous challenges the African Continent currently faces.


Addressing a Summit of the African Union (AU) Friday, May 27, 2022, in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, President Weah called on his colleagues to consider prioritizing the involvement of relevant regional and continental institutions, as well as development partners, in tackling devastating situations facing the Continent.


The President acknowledged the fact that the African Continent continues to face some of the most complex humanitarian emergencies caused by natural and human-induced disasters.


According to him, most of the situations are driven by terrorism, insurgencies and civil conflicts, leading to mass displacements both within and across national borders.


“These predicaments have exponentially increased humanitarian needs over the years among the most vulnerable populations, who are already confronted with multiple risk factors of conflict and environment degradation, among others,” the President noted, adding that these risk factors have exacerbated the philanthropic needs of the Continent with more than 114 million of Africans in the fifteen most affected countries requiring urgent assistance.


President Weah told his colleagues that financing response plans have been severely underfunded to cope with the current challenges, stressing that “the funding gap between available income and expected expenditures remains exceedingly large.”


“If we are to address the potential drivers of conflicts and climate change to confront the current humanitarian challenges, we must implement inclusive and initiative-taking policies in concert with the relevant regional and continental institutions, as well as our development partners,” he rallied African leaders.


Dr. Weah also expressed strong conviction in Africa’s ability to build what he terms ‘resilience policies and responses through regionalism and linkages across borders.’


He said the greater action taken on regional and intergovernmental agreements will herald greater pliability in addressing the issues of conflicts and climate change.


With the guidance and commitment of Member States, the President is convinced that they can implement timely measures to ensure that no person, community, or nation is left behind in areas affected by conflict and climate change.


President Weah pledged that Liberia would play a significant role in the affairs and structures of AU in line with the flagship national development plan, the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development, which he said is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.


He also urged the Summit to continue to dialogue as a way of mitigating crises in the African Region.


He reminded the Union not to forget the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, which he maintained has a negative impact on global trade and world economies.


The President thanked Mr. Teodore Obiang Nguema MBASOGO, President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, for the hospitality accorded him and his delegation.


He also thanked Mr. Macky Sall, President of the Republic of Senegal, for his preference as Chairperson of the African Union, noting that his decision to convene the Sessions was timely and welcoming. 


Pres. Weah Orders Kante’s Passports Saga Investigation … Mandates MOFA to Stop Issuing Diplomatic Passports

Monrovia, Liberia –The President of Liberia, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has directed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dee-Maxwell Kemayah, to immediately investigate circumstances leading to the issuance of Liberia’s Diplomatic passport to Sheik Bassirou Kante, who was recently arrested in the U.S.


In his directive, the President ordered that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately stop the issuance of diplomatic passports to anyone unless otherwise authorized by him.


The Liberian Chief Executive also directed Minister Kemeyah to submit a full report detailing a review of how Liberian diplomatic passports are issued.

The report by the Foreign Minister is to be submitted within one week of the date of the President’s directive, May 10, 2022.